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General Terms & Conditions

„Société À Responsabilité Limitée“ with a capital of 35 000 euros
located 188 rue Championnet 75018 Paris France ;
Telephone + 33 (0)609662074 ; Email address contact [at] bettina [dot] paris
RCS de PARIS n° 814 874 715
VAT : FR76 814 874 715

General Terms and Conditions for the merchant site

Last updated on : December 30th 2015

Article 1 – Object
These terms and conditions govern the sales by the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL», located 188 rue Championnet 75018 Paris France, of decorative objects which are created by and manufactured for the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL».

Article 2 – Prices
The price of our products are communicated on demand. They are labeled in euros, inclusive of all French taxes ( VAT and other applicable taxes on the day of the ordering), except when stated otherwise, and not including processing and shipment expenses.
In the case of an order to be delivered outside of France, you are the importer of the product(s) in question. Custom taxes or other local taxes or State taxes are possibly levied. These taxes and amounts are not the responsibility of the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL». They will be paid by you, and will be under your full responsibility, both in terms of declarations than of payments to the authorities and competent organizations in your country. We suggest that you enquire with your local authorities on these matters.
All orders, whatever their country of origin, are payable in euros.
The company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» has the right to change its prices at all times, but the product will be invoiced at the going rate on the day of the order, depending on availability.
The products remain the property of the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» until the full payment of the price.
Please beware that as soon as you physically receive the product(s) ordered, the risks of loss or damage to the product(s) are transferred to you.

Article 3  – Quotations
Quotations are valid for a period of 1 month – 30 days – from their issue date.  Beyond that period, a new quotation will have to be issued.

Article 4 – Ordering

You can place your order on the company’s merchant site :
The contractual information is labeled in French, English and German, and will be subject to a confirmation upon validation of your order, at the latest.
The company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» reserves the right not to book a payment, and not to confirm an order for any reason whatsoever, more specifically when a problem arises with suppliers, or in case the order received causes difficulties.

Article 5 – Validation of your order

Any order through the merchant site implies understanding and accepting these terms and conditions. Any confirmation of you order necessarily implies that you have read these terms and conditions of use, and that you fully agree with them.
The given information and the registered confirmation are proofs of the transaction.
You acknowledge to have fully understood and accepted this information.
Acknowledgement of this order shall be deemed acceptance of the operations undertaken.
A summary of the information relative to your order, and the general terms and conditions, will be emailed to you, in pdf format, to the address specified in your order confirmation. 

Article 6 – Payment

The fact of placing your  order implies your full and unconditional obligation to pay the indicated price.
The payment for your purchases is achieved online by banker’s card by means of the secure payment system Paypal, or by bank transfer.
Because all our products are custom-made, you will be charged for 100{f2d90e15628714b951a354ab7066e83d486b1741e469ff7ce18f786e7c526092} of the price , all French taxes inclusive, including a provision for processing and shipment costs.

Article 7 – Withdrawal
In accordance with the provisions of article L.121-21 of the « Code de la Consommation », relative to the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or  clearly personalized, you do not have the right to any retraction period.

Article 8- Availability
Our products are available as long as they are visible on the website , subject to availability of materials with our suppliers. Should a product not be available further to your order, we will inform you by email. Your order will be automatically cancelled and you will be credited of the amount initially paid.

Furthermore, the website is not intented to sell its products in large quantities. Therefore, the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» reserves the right to decline orders for a large number of products.

Article 9 – Delivery
The products are delivered to the delivery address specified in the order, within the time frame indicated in the order validation page.
In case of delay in the delivery, an email will be sent to you to inform you of any possible consequence on the delivery timeframe which was communicated to you.
In accordance with legal provisions, in the case of late delivery, you have the possibility to cancel the order according to the terms and conditions set out in the article L 138-2 of the “Code de la Consommation”. If in the meantime, you have received the product, we will proceed with its refund, and the delivery costs, according to the terms and conditions set out in the article L 138-3 of the “Code de la Consommation”.
In case of shipment by a carrier, the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery which is caused exclusively by your unavailability after several proposals for appointments by the carrier.
In case of shipment outside of continental France, the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery which is caused by customs or other organisations.

Article 10 – Warranty
All products are covered by a legal warranty of conformity and warranty against latent defects, as stipulated in articles 1641 et seq. of the « Code civil ». Should a product sold not be in conformity with the detailed description submitted when the order was placed, it can be returned, exchanged or refunded.

The photographies and other illustrations available on the site only reflect the prototype products that were specifically created when the site was created. The products ordered reflect the wishes of the client, and the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» cannot be held responsible for any variations in colors or forms with regards to the products presented on this website.
All complaints, requests for an exchange, or refunds must be made by email within 30 days of the delivery.
The products must be returned to us in the state in which you received them, with all the elements (accessories, packaging, notice). The postal charges will be reimbursed on the basis of the prices billed, and the return fees will be reimbursed upon presentation of the supporting documents.

Article 11 – Responsibility
The products offered are in compliance with the French legislation in force.  The company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL»  shall not be held liable in the event of failure to respect the legislation of the country to which the products are delivered. It is your responsibility to check with local authorities all regulations regarding import and usage of products you plan to order.
Furthermore, the company  «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from an inappropriate use of the product bought.
Finally, the liability of the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» may not be invoked in the event of damage or inconvenience inherent to the use of the internet, namely service interruption, outside intrusion, IT virus or any event due to force majeure.

Article 12 – Applicable legislation in cases of dispute
The language of this contract is the French language. These terms and conditions are governed by French law. In the event of litigation, only the French courts will be qualified.

Article 13 – Intellectual property
All sections of the site, including texts and images, are the exclusive property of the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL». None of the information may be otherwise reproduced, republished or re-disseminated in any manner or form, be they software, images, illustrations or sounds. Links – simple or hypertext – are strictly forbidden without the written consent of the company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL».

All our original products are signed, numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Article 14 – Customer data
The company «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» may collect and possibly share personal data and any other additional information available to us. This information is necessary for the management of such orders, as well as the improvement of the services and of the information we provide.
The information may also be supplied to companies which contribute to such relations, for instance those companies in charge of executing orders and services, for their own management, execution, processing and payment.
This information and data is also retained for security purposes in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations.
This website is declared to the CNIL under n° 1916697.
In accordance with the law of January 6th 1978, you have the right to access, rectify or suppress any information concerning you. To exercise this right, you must contact our Customer Service department using this email address

Article 15 – Archives and record
The company  «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» shall keep purchase orders and invoices in a durable and reliable format as per the requirements of article  1348 of the “Code civil”.
The digital records of the company  «BETTINA À PARIS SARL» will be considered by all parties to constitute proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions that occurred  between the parties.


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