This is your first crocodilian leather bag or small crocodilian leather item, and you are not quite sure about what color to choose?  The elegance and versatility of a black crocodilian leather bag or accessory is hard to beat.  However, joyous colors are tempting and reflect our inner me and desires.  If you feel that the hot pink cardholder or bag charm in crocodilian leather it must be, go for it.  You can always buy black later.


Crocodilian leather items are not only for special occasions.  Enjoy the exquisite creations at any time to underpin your natural elegance and show your fashion acumen.  Carrying a well-crafted crocodilian leather bag, pulling out your credit card from a crocodilian leather cardholder, gives assurance and that thrilling feel that not only you know that you own and carry something very special, but others might be aware of it as well.


From jeans to business outfit, from sportswear to evening gown, crocodilian leather accessories pull it off. Your pearls, diamonds, emeralds and many more will be in best company when carrying your crocodilian leather items. But your fashion jewelry will be as well.


Crocodilian leather items are for Him and for Her, absolutely.


Crocodilian leather goods exude beauty and luxury, refinement and rareness. Qualified artisan master crafters with greatest knowledge and years of experience produce crocodilian leather items with passion, patience and sensibility.  Master pieces realized by their gifted hands will age gracefully and look good for many years. See my grandmother’s crocodilian leather handbag with matching small mirror from 1970. It still looks fantastic. Thank you, Grandma, for having taught me from an early age that quality is priceless.


Crocodile Bag